Wednesday, November 03, 2010

That was close!

By a margin of approximately 3 to 2, Mercer County voters chose to keep Paula Sollami-Covello as their County Clerk rather than hand the office to former Trenton City Councilman Gino Melone.

Guess Gino finally coming out as a closeted Republican after all those years pretending to be a Democrat didn't win over any voters.

Or was it the electorate's memory of the games Gino played going into his final term on Trenton's council.

At that time Melone shepherded Doug Palmer's slate of at-large candidates around the East Ward to get them votes with the hopes of securing the council presidency for himself.  That ploy didn't work either.

We don't mean to pick solely on Gino.  All politicians and would-be candidates should take note of his plight.

You'll win office once in awhile with your craft and cunning but sooner or later the voters will tire of your games and duplicity.  Then you will be left out in the cold.

Serve the public and you can serve for a very long time and move up the ladder.  Serve yourself and eventually you will pay.

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