Monday, November 15, 2010

You just can't get it right, can you?

A turkey of an idea

Dear Mayor Mack and staff:

  1. In a city that is broke and broken, do we really need, can we afford, should we have a city sponsored (ie; paid for) parade? It was a bad idea in the waning years of the Palmer administration and yet here you are, the "we're going to do things differently" crew doing just the opposite.
  2. Was the Thanksgiving holiday moved from Thursday to Saturday? If it was, it somehow escaped our notice. If it wasn't, then the parade on Saturday is not really a "Thanksgiving DAY Parade, now is it?*
Yet again, your lack of common sense is stupefying.



*Before anyone raises the point...we have the same feeling about St. Patrick's Day Parades that are not held on St. Patrick's Day. Regardless of whethere they march in Trenton, Hamilton, Robbinsville, or on the Moon.if it isn't on March 17th, it is NOT a St. Patrick's Day Parade.

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Anonymous said...

Just when you think things couldn't get any worst. Now the Mayor want to censor the media because he doesn't have a clue. Look Mr. Mayor the City of Trenton is getting ready to have a forsenic audit, to check out where the funds are, or missing and all you can do is censor the media. Did any one think to censor yje Lady who sit on the Board of trustees for writing bad checks for the Trenton international jazz festival, or better yet, check her credentials she took the money and ran, and still owes the City of Trenton over $15,000 for having the police department mann the fisaco. Lets be fair all of the Criminals are coming out of the woodwork, and now you want to run and hide.