Saturday, November 06, 2010

Random thoughts on a saturday afternoon

Hey!  All you candidates in last week's elections, it's over!  Tuesday was four days ago, how about you send out your minions to collect your campaign signs.  Especially you winners...and especially the signs that were placed illegally on public property!  Your responsibilities didn't end when the polls closed my friends! 

And you know what...some of you losers (figurative and literal) from last spring's city election and runoff need to remove your signs too.  That includes you, Mr. Segura para Trenton!


Does anybody remember the water crisis of a month ago?  Did anyone ever explain what really happened to cause the low pressure and brown water experienced by some customers of the Trenton Water Works?  We know it wasn't strictly a function of the high water level in the Delaware River at that time

And whatever became of Ron Lind?


Nobody has anything to add to the razzle-dazzle fumbling of the city of Trenton layoff plan?  We all believe that Mayor Mack's manipulation of "the plan" is going to work, right?  The numbers said so.  At least that is what we were told.


Now that we've visited the Mayoral Circus (Mayor Mack's Thursday morning press conference touting his "saving" of the public safety jobs; etc.) and wrung our hands in despair over those who did get laid off, are we going to get back to the predicament of having an unfit judge presiding over Trenton's Municipal Court?


The library branches are still closed.  And the deadbeat jazz festival promoter is still on the Library Board.


City Council meetings are rapidly turning into a side show of incompetence and in-fighting while the citizens of Trenton seem to be struck silent by the city's rapid descent from bad to worse.


You're doing a heck of a job, Tony!


Anonymous said...

I guess you haven't noticed from your stoop - everybody with a brain has moved out of Trenton. They now live in the near suburbs or far away, and maintain a vague interest in Trenton for a while. Maybe. The only people left living in Trenton are too stupid, criminal or desperate to care about or keep track of the goings-on in City Hall. Except for you and I, and a very few others, nobody really cares.

Old Mill Hill said...

True, there has been an exodus and it may increase dramatically over the next 12 months or so.

We do think (hope?)that there are still a sizable number of residents who are paying attention and care. It is just that the current wave of screwups has left that thinking, caring populace stunned.