Monday, June 02, 2008

Fantasy League for Elected Officials

Maybe it's because we're holding our second primary of the year; maybe it's because we have some interesting Freeholder choices; maybe it's because there is so much speculation about the 2010 Municipal elections.

(By the way...this post was interrupted by the Mayor's [a non-partisan elected official] use of the city's reverse 911 system to remind voters to participate in tomorrow's primary).

Here's the thought: what if we started a Fantasy League for the Trenton Municipal Elections 2010? Pick your seeds for the council representatives for four wards, three at-large and for mayor.

Post them here.

Let's see who you think could make Trenton work.


Observer said...

MAYOR Zac Chester
AT LARGE John Harmon
Pat Stewart
Frank Weeden
SOUTH Jim Coston
EAST Gino Melone
NORTH Jim Carlucci
WEST Rafael Valentin

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Mayor: Zac Chester
At Large: Greg Forester
At Large: Pat Stewart
At Large: Nick Stewart
North: Jim Carlucci
South: Jim Coston
East: Chrissy Ott
West: Paulie "PowerPoint" Pintella

Chrissy said...

Mayor: Paulie "PowerPoint" Pintella
Council: outsourced to a developing nation overseas, or to Hunterdon County, depending on today's court decision.

Anonymous said...

Mayor - Jim Carlucci
At Large - Pat Stewart, Marion Ray & Bea Scala Fisher
South - Anne LaBate
East - Chrissy Ott
West - Alysia Welch Chester
North - Marge Miccio


Anonymous said...

Mayor: Chrissy Ott
At Large: Frank Weeden
At Large: John Harmon
At Large: Manny Segura
North: Alex Bethea
South: Jim Coston
East: Gino Melone
West: Don Wallar

Anonymous said...

MAYOR: Pat Stewart
WEST : Zachary Chester
EAST : Gino Melone
NORTH: Milford Bethea
SOUTH: Jim Coston
AT LARGE: Dion Clark
Paul Harris
Jim Carlucci

Anonymous said...

Mayor: Pat Stewart
North: Frank Weeden
South: Jim Coston
East: Gino Melone
West: Zac Chester
At large: Manny Segura
At large: L.A. Parker (waiver)
At large: Doug Palmer (waiver)

Anonymous said...

Mayor: Eric Jackson
At Large: Algernon Ward, Missy Balmir and a third candidate TBD
South Ward: Pat Stewart
North Ward: Roland Laird
West West: Zach Chester
East Ward: don't know