Thursday, June 05, 2008

We doth think she protest to much

In an early report on the June 5 City Council "double header," Trentonian writer L.A. Parker quotes West Ward Councilwoman Annette Lartigue as charging four of her colleagues with "collusion."

Lartigue was, according to Parker, miffed that Councilmen Bethea, Coston, Melone and Segura voted to not take any action on the docket items while they wait for information from the administration that was requested previously and in writing. In the article, the Councilwoman charged South Ward representative Jim Coston with leading the legislative mutiny. (Here's a link to the Times' story on the subject.)

“Coston lined up the votes and the other three (guys) followed suit. This is nothing short of disrespectful to the three members who were not part of the discussion and the residents.”

Funny statement from a representative who twice in recent months has illegally and improperly halted a vote that was being taken on a matter before Council. (According to Robert's Rules of Order, 10th Edition Revised, once a vote has been cast, the balloting must continue and cannot be interrupted.)

While we can only guess at her reasons for stopping a vote, it is undeniable that to do so is "disrespectful" to her colleagues "and the residents."

Of course, the fact that the Council President didn't have the knowledge of proper Rules of Order to override Ms. Lartigue's Parliamentary lapse comes as no surprise. And the fact that neither the City Attorney, Denise Lyles, or the highly compensated Special Counsel Joe Alaqua caught and corrected the error is disturbing and "disrespectful" of the taxpayers who foot the bill for this farce.

Ms. Lartigue, who has represented her interest in running for higher office, suggests in the Parker article that the motion to cancel the docket until Tuesday should have been discussed amongst all seven Council members. She even goes as far as to say that had such a discussion taken place that the three dissenting members "probably would have agreed."

Not likely.

Neither Mr. Pintella nor Ms. Staton have shown much inclination over the years to go against the wishes of the administration in any matter. And lately Ms. Lartigue has taken her place alongside them.

And besides, a good idea is a good idea, no matter who presents it. If the notion of tabling the docket for a couple of days in order to show unity of purpose with regards to the administration's manhandling of council matters was a good one, what stopped Ms. Lartigue (or Ms. Staton or Mr. Pintella) from voting for it.

To not do so shows just how incompetent, immature and ineffective these three are in their roles of representatives of the people.

Kudos to Messrs. Bethea, Coston, Melone and Segura for their continued stance on having a fair, open and balanced city government.

Raspberries to Ms. Lartigue for her lack of vision and leadership.


Nicholas Stewart said...

Really! Wow! Hope is alive. Great post.

Irving Bertrand Clean said...

Council-thing LargeTigue would do well to look up "collusion" in the dictionary (it's that big book with all-a-them fancy words in it).

And she wants to be Mayor? Sheesh.