Friday, June 06, 2008

Too busy?

According to the article in this morning's Times, the reason Trenton Business Administrator Jane Feigenbaum didn't provide the information requested by South Ward Councilman Jim Coston was because she's been "busy working to fill a large budget gap."

Well, we have some more questions for Ms. Feigenbaum:

Were you too busy to communicate with the South Ward Councilman that you might not be able to provide all of the requested information in the alotted time?

Were you too busy playing shell games with the city's money to get this year's budget to council for approval on time?

Were you too busy being uncooperative with the people's respresentatives to project the dire shortfalls in the coming year's budget?

Cut the crap, Ms. Feigenbaum.

You deliberately ignored a legitimate request from an elected official for specific information and thought you could get away with it.

I guess you're going to be just a little busier now as you pull together the requested information by Tuesday and continue to work on filling that "large budget gap."

Better scrap your weekend plans, young lady. You've got Detention and a whole lot of makeup work to do!

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