Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A look ahead

Taking Trenton back in 2010

TrentonKat has a lot on her plate of late, but she took the time yesterday to put forth some thoughtful suggestions about the 2010 Trenton municipal elections.

With just over two years to go until the next Mayor and Council are sworn in, the rumors and jockeying have begun. Last week, this space took a somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at that campaign and invited readers to post their "dream team" for the next round of city elections. It wasn't just a satirical exercise.

The advent of the Trenton blog-sphere and the popular on-line forums will undoubtedly play a larger role in the coming campaigns. Councilman Coston blogged his way to victory in 2006 and continues to regular post the good, the bad and the ugly about civic life in Trenton.

Even casual observers can see how recent events have influenced the on-line chatter and vice-versa. Items of note, behaviors, and comments that once were all but hidden from view are now out there for public consumption.

Those who are now and who wish to be elected officials should pay attention as well. No longer will the denizens of City Hall be able to operate at will and with no regard to the public they portend to serve. The wraps are off of the empire's new clothes and we see the warts and blemishes of those who have had Trenton's well being in a stranglehold for the past couple of decades.

As we seek new leaders, let us not choose based upon the superficial polish of shiny suits and well-manicured glad hands.

Let's identify, strategize with and support those few individuals who will best be able to lift Trenton out of the mire of 20 years of machine politics and get her back on her feet. This means those that are not necessarily "picture perfect," but who truly grasp the importance of a transparent and ethical government; demonstrate common sense; and will make choices based upon what is best for the city as opposed to what will further their political career.

There's plenty of work for all to do. If you or your personal favorite don't have a realistic chance of gaining the wide public support needed to obtain public office, consider joining in with those who can. They need your help and we'll all be better off for it. The last thing Trenton needs is another round of multiple candidates distracting and diluting the vote from the key issues of the day.

The one thing that has kept the current administration in power this long has been it's ability to display a unified front against a divided and contentious opposition. It's time we turn that paradigm inside out.

If we want a better Trenton, for all, then we have to be a better Trenton.

The day of thin-skinned, vindictive playground bullies running roughshod over the citizens of Trenton is over if we want it to be.

Let's heed TrentonKat's call for common sense and unity. Let's keep posting and exchanging thoughts and ideas that demonstrate just how serious we are about evicting the corrupt and secretive powers that be.

Log on, opt in, and throw the bums out! (with apologies to Dr. Leary)

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