Friday, June 27, 2008

Greenhouse gas

Palmer spews toxic vapors
It was tempting to author and publish a lengthy screed about Doug Palmer's continuing efforts to develop the image and success of Doug Palmer. Instead, here are some published comments issued by the man himself.

You decide if there is substance here or just a contribution to global warming:

"My focus entirely is always Trenton," Palmer said. (Times of Trenton, Friday, 6/27/08)

See Greg Forester's blog for commentary and context.

Now that Palmer has thrown his lot in with Senator Obama’s presidential campaign, he’s accepting suggestions that he has this to say about the Senator’s proposed Federal Urban Policy Director.

"That should certainly be an individual who's right in tune with the mayors," Palmer said.
"If there's any way that I can help my city and certainly the country, I wouldn't rule it out."

Check out TrentonKat's blog for Palmer's latest public appearance on behalf of environmental efficiency.

More inane remarks are credited to Palmer in an article about the train wreck of a public meeting held at city hall on Wednesday night. The topic was the development plan for the area around the transit station and the meeting was heavily promoted to the community with remarks by the Mayor on the printed agenda. After first being told Palmer wouldn't be there, he slipped in and addressed the crowd gathered in the atrium.

Palmer said the city hasn't condemned many houses since he became mayor, pointing to new houses around the Battle Monument as an example of the city working with neighbors. "We're going to make sure you're not kicked out of here," he said to a concerned resident.

Guess he forgot about the K. Hovnanian land grab around the ill-fated Champale site development in South Trenton.

In an effort to allay fears that plans will proceed without public input, Palmer suggests that a committee will be formed with members from the community.

It will be modeled on a committee formed to provide advice on the Lamberton Street Redevelopment Area after residents objected to a plan for the South Trenton neighborhood, Palmer said.
Seems to me that occurred only after some high profile protests against the plan.

We've got a suggestion on how Mr. Palmer can enhance his reputation as a Green-thinking Mayor.

He should keep his mouth shut.

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G Spot said...

Mayor Doug Palmer thinks green. All the time when he spends the taxpayer's green on his friends and their fleet of free gas guzzlers. He also thinks greens as in golf. Which is what he will be doing soon!