Monday, August 06, 2007

And the hits just keep on coming is a website that contains facts and commentary on some of the more questionable aspects of the leadership in Trenton's Police Department.

For some, it is a rallying point that illustrates the double standards and apparent hypocrisy of the department's leadership under Director Joseph Santiago. By extension, since the Director is a Mayoral appointee, the website also illuminates similar issues with Doug Palmer's leadership of Trenton.

To others, the website is inflammatory and does nothing to help overcome the very problems it highlights. This was especially true in the case of the site's namesake, Captain Sleepy, aka Capt. Paul Messina who received the sobriquet for being digitally captured sleeping on duty. The Captain was being, according to some, unfairly singled out just because he's stepped on the toes of some of his fellow officers.

This writer has weighed in on the "sleeping policeman" policeman issue previously.

What brings this website back to mind is the recent posting of information regarding

a) the apparently excessive use of Police vehicles for personal business by certain officers (and the preferential treatment of those officers that is implicit in such an arrangement)

b) the fact that such use directly conflicts with statements made on the record by Director Santiago about ending the abuse of city resources (cars) for personal use.

Once again "Accountability," the favorite watch word of Mayor Palmer and his followers, is being ignored.

There are those who may claim this is all just another example of the poor Administration/Police relationship and shouldn't be given too much credence.

But if the obvious favoritism and lack of accountability are rampant in the Police Department, can it be that much different in other areas of City Government.

Maybe if we had a few more websites like the public would wake up to the realities of the situation at hand. More people making the effort and taking the time to learn about what is really going on behind the "Crime is down," "Trenton is moving forward" mantras, could stop this nonsense and get the City back on track.

Or maybe everyone is just "sleeping on duty."

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