Saturday, August 04, 2007

What Are the Odds?

A quick trip around Trenton's 7.5 square miles on any given day will reveal a lot.

  • Boarded up properties.
  • Inhabited properites that should be boarded up.
  • People living in (probably illegally) converted storefronts.
  • Trash and litter.
  • Street lights out.
  • Overgrown lots and trash strewn alleys.
  • Tree pits and planters that need attention.

The list goes on.

While not everyone of these issues are the direct responsibility of the City of Trenton, the enforcement of the laws governing these situations is.

Whether it is because of lack of resources (staff) or ineffective work habits (staff training) the City is not doing enough.

Of course, with the U.S. Conference of Mayors scheduled to come to town in a few weeks, watch for some quick "make overs" so that Trenton puts on its best face for the world.

As if a broom applied here, a touch of paint there will show what a progressive leader our Mayor is. Hey, there may even be some directive to sweep the street corners of 'loiterers' and roust the sleeping homeless from our parks.

If it's really effective, maybe this new found way of working will carry through past the weekend visit of the other Mayors.

What are the odds.

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