Friday, August 10, 2007

What are they thinking?

The continued management follies in the Trenton Police Department are reaching new heights. Long ago having ceased being amusing or entertaining, the absurd way the department is being run is worrisome. Of course, it isn't just the TPD, but other City Departments as well.

First case:

There continues to be a problem with parking enforcement in permit parking areas. The main issue here is the failure of the City of Trenton to provide for the periodic updates and reissuing of parking permits and visitor passes that would enable the police to then more effectively enforce the permit parking regulations.

While residents wait for the Public Works staffers to implement the "new" permits, they cry for help in the way of stepped up enforcement of the parking regulations...all parking regulations. Since it is technically illegal to selectively enforce parking ordinances those cops who are "by the book" are doing just that: enforcing all parking regulations.

At the same time, City Hall's representatives have stated that "expired stickers will not be ticketed." And this means tickets get issued to individuals who are trying to comply with the law, even when it's not possible.

Further compounding the situation is the detailing of K9 officers to areas such as Mill Hill for a part of their shift each evening with the order to cite all parking violations. While no one would realistically argue against any police presence at any time, we have to ask if this is the best use of our K9 units?

In light of rumored intent by Police Director Santiago to do away with K9's altogether could it be that the police dogs have to make a quota of parking tickets each month or risk termination.
Second case:

Another example of bad management is the recent acquisition of Police Department All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and their questionable deployment on the streets.

ATVs are not street legal in NJ. It's that simple. And it is hard to believe that Police Departments are exempt from the law.

While the ATVs were ostensibly acquired for patrolling the parks, canal tow path, etc., they have been seen "on the street."

Accounts in the newspapers and online forums have indicated that not only were directives given for the ATVs to be used on the streets, inadequate protective helmets and training were given to those assigned that duty.

If the TPD had to use funds from other City Departments to meet the mushrooming overtime costs, where did they find money for the ATVs? How much did they cost? What about other accessories: trailers, helmets, the fuel to run them, the etc.?

Is there no end to the reckless expenditure of the City's scant resources?


Chrissy said...

Depending on the type of ATV, they cost at least $6,000-$8,000. Helmets can cost anywhere from $50-$300, depending on how much of the head that's getting covered. My brother-in-law has a bunch of ATVs for his farm; I can ask him to bring 'em over so we can all go riding. If the police and the knuckleheads are all riding, maybe we should all give it a shot?

(oh - thanks for linking me! But the link on the side of your page isn't working for my blog...I think there's an extra "f" before the blog name...anyway, I'll get you in my links too!)

Thanks for a great blog!

Old Mill Hill said...

Good info. Makes even less "cents" now!

I'll try to correct that link ASAP.

And thank you for your views and concerns.