Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How's That Again?

A man received a gunshot wound in a scuffle that was the result of an armed robbery just after midnight, Tuesday morning (August 21). Crime Stoppers of Greater Trenton is offering a reward for any information leading to the arrest of the individuals responsible for the crime (reportedly four youths).

A quick review of the Crime Stoppers website provided an eye opener even for this jaded soul.

The organization has listed over 50 crimes that it is offering cash rewards for. Those 50 crimes only go back five months to late March of this year! That's 10 crimes a month that are serious enough to warrant a special cash incentive to bring forward information that can help solve them.

That's an average of one violent and/or serious crime every three days!

And that's just from one source of information...the Crime Stoppers website.

Odds are there is even a greater number of serious crimes that have occurred that haven't made it onto the Crime Stoppers list. Or that haven't been reported to the Police. Or have been reported but have been classified in a less serious manner.

But let's just stick with the 50 crimes on the website. Fifty crimes in 150 days. One every three days.

If crime is down, what was the old average number of serious crimes committed in the City of Trenton?

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