Tuesday, August 07, 2007

National Night Out

Ok, so there were eight crimes (assaults and robberies) reported in the local papers as having occurred last weekend. Crime is down.

But we're not going to dwell on that right now.

Tonight is the 24th annual "National Night Out" sponsored and promoted by the National Association of Town Watch.

This is Trenton's 7th or 8th year of participation.

While there will be block parties throughout the city this evening, there is one common theme.

This is the night when the community and those charged with law enforcement for the community come together and revisit, reestablish and restore the bond between them.

Neither side can function well without the cooperation of the other.

Tonight, Trenton and municipalities around the country will demonstrate the power of the Community/Police partnership.

There is no excuse for not participating. Even if your neighborhood isn't holding a big celebration, turn on your porch light and sit out front of your house for a couple of hours.

Demonstrate to those who would take from us our safety and security that you will not let them.

Demonstrate to your neighbors that you are part of the solution and not the problem.

Demonstrate to yourself that you can and will do something positive this evening to take back our city from those who think they "control" it.

Let it start tonight. But don't let it end tonight.

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