Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are You A High Roller?

Here's an interesting item found on

Six AC councilmen petition for mayor's recall
by South Jersey News Online

Thursday August 30, 2007, 7:01 AM

ATLANTIC CITY -- Six of this city's nine city council members have signed a petition seeking the recall of Mayor Bob Levy, according to The Press of Atlantic City.

Displeasure with Levy's administration drove creation of the "Atlantic City Committee to Recall Bob Levy," When asked why he signed, Councilman Gene Robinson cited his frustration with Levy's strong support of city Business Administrator Domenic Cappella. Robinson said Levy has turned over city administration to Cappella, "who is letting evil rule his life."

Can you imagine a City Council so fed up with a heavy handed administration that two thirds of it's members opt to form a recall committee for the Mayor?

Talk to anyone in the know at Trenton's City Hall and ultimately a couple of names will be mentioned as the primary source of "evil" within those hallowed walls. These individuals are appointees of the Mayor and he has seemed to abdicate much of his authority to them.

Do you think five of our seven Council members would sign on to a Mayoral Recall movement? Odds are against it since three of the seven explicitly owe their seats to the Mayor's support.

Better odds on winning the MegaMillions. Then if you're still around next election cycle (2010), you can buy your way into City Hall.

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