Friday, August 31, 2007

Not What I Had Expected

The original purpose of this blog was to post musings on life in and around Trenton. The idea was to be a digital representation of what one might be thinking about while observing the world. Hopefully there would be some discussion (via comments), but mostly just an expression of those rambling ideas and fleeting inspirations that come from everyday experience.

The blog was never intended to be as political as it has gotten. And it wasn't meant to dwell on the ample negatives and sometimes preposterous situations that seem to arise every few minutes.

So it isn't really surprising that there was an unsettling sense of disappointment sitting on my shoulders after reading this morning's newspapers. No murders overnight (thankfully!); no additional Newark Police Department refugee retirees landing lucrative gigs here in T-town (so far); and no new revelations about underhanded doings in the school system or city hall. Even our city council members seem to be at peace with each other for the moment.

There were also no ads of public apology from outspoken citizens to thin-skinned public officials in either of the local dailies (but there is a very clever advertisement for placing one in the September Downtowner). We're all waiting with baited breath for that next development.

There was a dog-baiting incident in Mill Hill Park last evening that left one animal seriously wounded (and reportedly it had to be euthanized) and could probably be expounded upon in this space. Certainly that is fodder for thought and commentary, but we don't want to rile up one of Trenton's "most decorated scribes" and get another sermon on how Trenton (especially here in "toney" Mill Hill) don't care about the right things or the right people.

Maybe inspiration can be found elsewhere this morning.


A guy by the canal said...

Nothing to comment about?? tsk tsk tsk. How about a late summer day (or any day for that matter) at Waterfront Park watching a ball game! A beer. perhaps two, a dog and some baseball. Yet nary a happy blog on the topic. There is proof positive that sometimes things are done right in Trenton.

Old Mill Hill said...

Sir Guy By the Canal, you are correct. The Trenton Thunder is a good thing and there is nothing like whiling away a few hours on a beautiful summer evening at Waterfront Park. (Not too crazy about some of those damp, chilly April nights though).

Of course, the facility is owned by the County, but it is located in South Trenton. And we'ver had a winning season.

So inspiration is to be found elsewhere. Thanks, Sir Guy.